Album Review: Great Collapse – Holy War

imageSupergroup is a funny word. Bringing together the musical talent from many far and wide corners of music to create an unstoppable hybrid of a band can go one of two ways. Either the mixed styles compliment each other so well it goes down as a work of genius or it flies too close to the sun, burns its wings and falls back to the shadows never to be brought up again. So there’s no pressure really for Great Collapse, who with current and ex-members of Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals, Strike Anywhere and Rise Against are looking to cause a social ruckus and not fall fowl of the supergroup taboo.

Opener ‘New Abolition’ sets intentions into motion with a flare in hand and a voice filled with anger loud enough for all to hear. Using the band as a platform for true change, Great Collapse has long-term intentions and lasting influence in mind rather than a blink-and-miss-it rendezvous into something different from the day job. ‘Break In Case Of Emergency’ delves into retrospective comparisons while ‘The World Between’ holds a middle finger aloft with melodic refrains and engaging battery.

Probing mostly at the failings of corrupt governments but also delving into the memories of days gone by and a need for a worldwide rising up, the band paint a convincing manifesto of ideas and morals that many could take a leaf from. ‘Dawn Stations’ is reminiscent of early 80’s hardcore fury while ‘Generation In Crosshairs’ incorporates woah-ohs and sweeping riffs to back up its strong message. It is closing opus ‘One Year’ that leaves the most lasting impression as rooftop-worthy shouts and beautifully vibrant guitars see this modern day protest record out with the sharpest of points.

Politically heated, sonically battering and atmospherically rousing, ‘Holy War’ has its finger on the pulse and blood in its teeth. Moulding the sounds of every different dimension of punk rock together in to a comfortably familiar but also refreshingly threatening beast, Great Collapse are more than just a flash in the pan or a slogan on a billboard. See you on the front line yeah?


‘Holy War’ by Great Collapse is out now on End Hits Records.

Great Collapse links: Facebook

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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