Album Review: Greenhorn – I Want More

imageAs the summer gears up, it’s a sure thing that many will be starting to reach for the pop punk in their collections. With Less Than Jake’s Roger Lima teaming up with fellow Gainesville resident Jen Vito for a brand new 6 track EP, you might even be thinking of straying from the classics.

This EP is honest from the beginning about all its intentions – confident and proud, it clearly wears its heart on its pizza-stained sleeve. There’s everything you’d expect: simple riffs, no more than four chords, upbeat drums and squeaky clean vocal hooks. The aforementioned tropes are undeniably well executed, and if that’s all you want then you’ll get on with this release just fine.


However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, you’ll probably be at a bit of a loss. ‘I Want More’ becomes eerily ironic, spelling out the reaction it invokes. The title track chants, “I want more than what’s been done. I don’t want repeats, I don’t want reruns. I want more than what we had before and I’ll be leaving in 3 seconds.” If you fit the aforementioned description, it’s likely you’ll agree.

Whilst this was obviously no intention to reinvent the wheel, Jake and Jen have nonetheless crafted a bland, stale and safe ride. If you’re looking for more adventurous territory, Tigers Jaw unloaded their new album, ‘Charmer’.

The explanation of the EP’s flaws needn’t be explained much more than this: ‘I Want More’ lacks new or exciting characteristics across the board. Sadly, it’s just that simple.


‘I Want More’ by Greenhorn is out now on Saint November Records.

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Words by Nick Povey


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