Album Review: Hands Like Houses – Unimagine

imageMuch like the resurgence of pop-punk over the past couple of years, it also seems as if the popularity of post-hardcore/metal bands such as Australia’s Hands Like Houses has increased. Bands like Pierce The Veil, Woe, Is Me, Miss May I, Sleeping With Sirens and more, seemed to have created their own scene, whereby all the bands in each genre are always touring with each other, they share the same fans and more noticibly, taking over festival line-ups such as Warped Tour. A Day To Remember, with their blend of pop-punk and post-hardcore, seemed to have to been one of the bands at the forefront of this. Now, Hands Like Houses are here to claim their stake in the genre with their sophomore album ’Unimagine’.

Early last year, the band signed to Rise Records (not surprisingly, also the home to Sleeping with Sirens, Memphis May Fire and more) and released their debut album. With releasing ’Unimagine’ just over a year from their debut, it could have cast some doubts as to whether the new record would come across as rushed.

Unimagine’ is every bit the polished record; it’s clean and it’s extremely easy on the ears. Whilst maintaining the catchy, melodic vocals; the album counteracts with big, rough riffs that will no doubt energise crowds in a live setting. Opener, ‘Developments’, is one part pop to one part metal; it’s clean, it’s rough and ridiculously catchy, whilst ’Introduced Species‘  evokes passion and energy with unmissable gang vocals (although I believe it is a thing that is somewhat overused in this genre) and pounding drums. 

The lyrics in tracks such as ’Shapeshifters’ are somewhat poetic and it’s refreshing to hear. Lyrically, this record is on point and it is well complimented by the music. Hearing lines such as “we will be unbreakable” may seem somewhat cliched but what you got to love about lyrics like these is that it can stir emotions and really make you feel. 

Things slow down with ’Tales Of Outer Suburbia’ and ‘Oceandust’ and it’s quite refreshing, whilst the rest of the album doesn’t really break away, but remains consistent. Although this record isn’t particularly outstanding, it is a great record. It’s tight and well put together, and only proves that there is much more great rock music to emerge from Australia.


‘Unimagine’ by Hands Like Housesis out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Sarah Russell (@SarahRusselll_)


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