Album Review: Harker – A Lifetime Apart EP

Harker - A Lifetime Apart EPWith Brighton punk quartet Harker filling out their full-band skin (initiated by previous sole force frontman Mark Boniface), new EP ‘A Lifetime Apart’ is the result of a full fleshed-out ruckus punk rock assault.

‘A Lifetime Apart’ honours a brand of punk that shows the inseparable power of ear-shattering gains of guitar with the classic youthful exuberance. The EP has moments that share a likeness to The Bouncing Souls in their infancy and the lighter side of Hot Water Music.

Drum rolls signal the opener ’23’ that brings siren-ringing guitars to the forefront, determined to disrupt listeners. Boniface describes a similar restless feeling stating, “Feels like a comatose, but I can’t get any kind of sleep,” evoked by jarring instrumental strokes.

The production is perfect, catering to the odd quirky paralyzing bends of ‘Nightmare Fuel’ that leans towards a shoegaze-y tremolo whirl. Boniface’s voice doesn’t allow space for you to doubt his self-deprecating, “I tied all my grief in a knot and took it with me, to feel less a burden,” in his Matt Pryor-esque charm on ‘Sleepy Eyes’.

‘A Lifetime Apart’ is devoid of any filler, substantiating Boniface’s claims of the band of showing a “progression from a singer with a backing band to a proper four piece unit.”


‘A Lifetime Apart’ EP by Harker is out now on Paper + Plastick / No Panic Records.

Harker links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Aaron Akeredolu (@boymostlikelyto)


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