Album Review: Haze – Clouds Surround & Breathe

Forming from the ashes of Fallacies, budding Wolverhampton quintet Haze have crafted an interesting debut effort. Taking the grit of post-hardcore and merging these ideas with the ethereality of post-rock, it’s a refreshing hybridisation in sound that sits them well for a brighter future.

The strengths of Haze’s debut record lie chiefly in the latter of their musical persuasions. Emphasised by some very well executed and drumming from Daniel Pratley, the often cinematic soundscapes created by the three guitarists continually rise, fall, linger and surprise in the manner of This Will Destroy You and Explosions In The Sky. Seasoned fans of the genre will find many moments to delight here, and the production really helps Haze’s dramatic and brooding edge come to life.

Clouds Surround And Breathe by Haze

My only issue with this album stems from the frequently monotonous vocals. Granted, they’re pretty sparse and frontman/guitarist Mark Al-Shemmeri is absolutely yelling his spuds off when they do surface. But they tend to be frustratingly repetitive and with very little dynamic or any real melody, especially when compared to the ever evolving textures behind them, they often fall short of the emotional impact I’m assuming they’re intended to make.


‘Clouds Surround & Breathe’ by Haze is out now on Frail Abuse Records.

Haze links: Website|Facebook

Words by Joe Danher


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