Album Review: Hercules Morse – Edge Of Life EP

imageWith a rollicking style that reeks of motorbike oil and worn leather, Hercules Morse bring the grassroots sound of yesteryear crashing into 2015 with their sophomore EP ‘Edge Of Life’.

It’s not all that straightforward though. As the wavy harmonies of the title track bleeding into the rowdy nostalgia of ‘Good Old Days’ and the simmering deep set tenderness of ‘All About Me’, leading up to the closing rally cry of ‘How Do You Love Me’, the band slip and slide between chandelier-swinging debauchery and unfortunately tiresome moments of beige. There is a lot to enjoy on show, but the flat moments leave too prominent a bitter taste that distracts from where the band soar.

‘Edge Of Life’ is ultimately the sound of a band still trying to find the best footings for themselves, but overall Hercules Morse have enough of the swagger, substance and sultriness to pump out the sort of songs that could make heads nod way back in the ‘90s as much as now.


‘Edge Of Life’ EP by Hercules Morse is out now.

Hercules Morse links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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