Album Review: I Can See Mountains – Life On A Houseboat

imageI was excited to hear I Can See Mountains for my review this week; if you haven’t already heard of these guys, they’ve been causing quite a stir. This American quintet indie rock bunch successfully released their first EP last year, which led the group to being signed by Panic Records. Even us at Already Heard wrote a “Recommends” piece on these guys and now finally they are releasing their first full length album.

‘Life On A Houseboat’ is an upbeat classic pop-punk album, with the use of pop melodies collaborated with fast-paced rocky tempos. It features catchy hooks, harmonious vocals and sing-a-long choruses. It is quite simply excellent.

The first track is ‘One Mirror, Two Bodies’ an enthusiastic upbeat smash hit which is a cracking introduction that gears you up for the rest of the album. The song stars playful guitar riffs and a sweet dancey melody; all strung together with powerful overlapping harmonious vocals that truly make the chorus stand out. This follows with the title track ‘Life On A Houseboat’, a variation in pace from the introduction hit, this song has a slower tempo with melodic guitar riffs and sweet American vocals. It also features playful screams and the beat quickens building up to the catchy chorus.

Every tune is fantastic making it a difficult task to pick the top hits, however the favourite song is ‘I Play The Fox’ which has a light-hearted melody with electrifying guitar riffs and a powerful beat created from the dramatic drums. The chorus is brilliant with influential vocals; you instantly imagine the band playing live and this would be the song the entire crowd would be screaming along to. It also has a wicked instrumental finish closing the hit with a big final bang.

The close runner up to the favourite hit has got to be ‘Glory’, which the band has already released a music video for. It follows I Can See Mountains cheerful good-humoured style, with incredible instrumental talent and an upbeat punchy chorus. This is another a track you can imagine everyone singing along to, it’s extremely captivating and is screaming with true passion.

I Can See Mountains have produced a superb American pop-punk cheery record that will have you singing and dancing along. The entire album is creative and diverse, with every hit fantastic in its own right. This small time band has certainly created an outstanding first album that could easily lead them onto the road of success. The alternative genre is already brimming with pop-punk bands, but this group have a fresh energetic quality to them. If you’re a fan of the earlier works from Taking Back Sunday, this is definitely for you!


‘Life On A Boathouse’ by I Can See Mountains is released on 2nd July on Panic Records.

I Can See Mountains links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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