Album Review: I Saved Latin – In Case You Were Wondering EP

I Saved Latin are a four piece alternative rock band from London. ‘In Case You Were Wondering’ is a wonderful soulful six song EP, with melodic vocals and riffs.  The music is inspirational; I Saved Latin has created their own innovative sound compared to the generic alternative rock band.

The record begins with ‘Wherever You Go’ , a beautifully composed tune, with use of delightful poetic guitar riffs, a slow paced tempo and the soft sweet voice of Alex Crowley. The album progresses with ‘Today’ which has a wonderful catchy tune and the drums have a more dominating rocky sound. The favourite from the EP is ‘In Time’. It begins with a wonderful deep base introduction collaborated with awesome guitar riffs. The song has a wonderful high speed punk tempo, with an awesome catchy chorus.

‘I’ll Give To You’ is an upbeat pop-punk inspired tune, the backing vocals add another dimension to the record. ‘Forwards and Back Again’ is of a similar style, but with strong powerful vocals and instrumental melodies. ‘The Scene & The Setting’ has a wonderful captivating instrumental introduction. The song goes back to the slower paced tempo mixed with superb poetic vocals.

The entire EP is simply mesmerising and addictive. The record is filled with superb music and beautiful vocals. I Saved Latin will be your new favourite band after giving ‘In Case You Were Wondering’ a listen. This small band have created something truly amazing, they deserve a lot more recognition. I can’t wait to see what they produce next, and look forward to their first album to be released.


In Case You Were Wondering’ by I Saved Latin is now.

I Saved Latin links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Words by Chantelle Kelly.


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