Album Review: I The Mighty – Connector

I The Mighty have been slowly but surely clawing their way onto the community’s radar over the past few years. After just rounding off a 2 month jaunt round the US supporting none other than Enter Shikari, they are prepped for releasing their sophomore effort ‘Connector’. The band will be using the follow up to ‘13’s ‘Satori’ as a potential springboard from being another band in the mixer to genuine scene botherers.

Musically from the off ‘Connecter’ is effortlessly pleasant. The slow burning ‘An Epilogue As A Prologue’ bleeds into the oppressive guitars and bounce of ‘Lady Of Death’ and ‘Psychomachia’ toys with grooving choruses and harsh vocal breaks. Though the band aren’t branching out into anything that hasn’t been done previously, their attention to detail and delivery is on another level to their peers. Hiding within the depths of their melodies, the band have added a splattering of crystal-clear ambience that noticeably takes their music up from straight-forward rock songs into something wholeheartedly more beautiful and stirring. The songs go from being more than chords and notes into genuine feelings, and that’s not an easy trait to pick up.

Things chug on at a similar rate of melodiousness as Max Bemis makes a mischievous and influential appearance on the sentimental and rousing ‘Friends’, before the perfect pattering pace of ‘Playing Catch With .22’ and emotional ‘Andrew’s Song’ demonstrate further the songwriting strength the band have in their ranks. Rather than pushing all of their skills into a few songs, I The Mighty have stretched themselves out to make each song on ‘Connector’ equally as piercing. ‘The Hound And The Fox’ screams pure punk rock energy before closer ‘The Frame I Betrayal In The Watchtower’ jumps from prickly atmosphere into heated riffing before fading out with spiralling gang vocals and a lasting taste in the back of your throat.

‘Connector’ is I The Mighty realising the full potential they have inside of them and injecting it into 14 tracks of hard-hitting glory. Picking together the perfect mix of straight up rock, ear-burrowing pop and piercing post hardcore, the band create a thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable listen. Given the right attention, care and consideration, I The Mighty could have their shining gem with ‘Connector’. Only time will tell.


‘Connector’ by I The Mighty is out now on LAB Records/Equal Vision Records.

I The Mighty links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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