Album Review: Ignite – A War Against You

Ignite – A War Against You
Hark back to the days when hardcore was about brothers in arms and good times, rather than trainers and spin-kick gymnastics, Orange County’s Ignite were one of the leading lights in the genre’s ‘90s resurgence. Fast-forward to the modern day and 22 years since their inception, the band are continuing their streak of producing timeless bangers with their first album since 06’s ‘Our Darkest Days’. Mixing break-neck drums and pulsating riffs with the most melodious of vocal performances from Zoli Teglas, the band are in absolutely rambunctious form across the 13 tracks of ‘A War Against You’.

With the gruff fury of ‘This Is A War’, the overpowering positivity of ‘Alive’ and bubbling protest of ‘Rise Up’ incites arms-raised anarchy in its ranks. This proves beyond doubt that the band’s fifth effort is a rousing call to arms and education in solid songwriting for anyone with a passing interest in rock, hardcore, punk or music in general. As melodic as it is heavy and brimming with the sort of hooks bands strive and fail to write in their whole career, Ignite continue to wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves and fly their flag with confidence and undisputable passion.


’A War Against You’ by Ignite is out now on Century Media

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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