Album Review: Jule Vera – Friendly Enemies EP

Jule Vera are unlike any other band you may have heard in the last few years. They blend elements of rock and pop with theatrical style strings and arrangements. Perhaps not the kind of band you would associate with the famous Vans Warped Tour, but they are playing every single date. This kind of work ethic, and signing to Pure Noise Records, has ensured that Jule Vera are all over the American press.

’Chemical Machines’ is the first full length track. It is obvious from the beginning that overly produced pop-rock is the order of the day but Jule Vera seem to do it very well. Vocalist Ansley Newman shows a real flair, her voice cutting through the various instruments with a sweet innocence, almost like Paramore’s Hayley Williams. There is a sense of youthfulness across the whole record, which is understandable given the ages of the members.

Judging by the first few tracks, ’Friendly Enemies’ is pretty basic upbeat and lighthearted pop music, the kind that would perhaps appeal to a younger demographic. However, dig a little deeper and there is definitely something for more mature music fans too. ‘One Little String’ is a perfect slice of summery pop. The kind that everyone can’t help but sing along to in the car when it comes on. I can see this being the ‘guilty pleasure’ of many a 20 something male (myself included).

Jule Vera aren’t as one dimensional as earlier tracks suggest either. Following the simple and lighthearted ‘One Little String’ is ’Die Trying’ which shows a completely new side of the release. The pop arrangements are pretty constant throughout, but the lyrics seem to take a turn to the darker side. The EP’s title track continues this new haunting feel with a different, huge and haunting sound, carried heavily by bass and sound effects.

’Friendly Enemies’ provides a great base for Jule Vera to make the most of the media storm surrounding them just now. It is full of hooks, strong instrumentation and vocal prowess. It will be interesting to see where the band go from here. The lure of the pop world and circles may prove hard to resist for this young band. Hopefully they keep at least some of the Panic at the Disco style theatrical edge that makes ’Friendly Enemies’ such an intriguing listen.


’Friendly Enemies’ by Jule Vera is out now on Pure Noise Records.

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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)


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