Album Review: Kagoule – Urth

imageFrom the depths of Nottingham, something riffy has been brewing. 3 childhood friends known as Kagoule with a passion for guitar music have been working their way through the underground, overground and every other ground they can to being their self proclaimed ‘sound of boredom’ to the masses. Attracting the attention of Johnny Marr, NME, BBC 6 and more importantly and uniquely Earache Records, Kagoule are on the verge of something extra special. Here’s hoping that their full-length debut ‘Urth’ has the legs to stand on and the riffs to carry it.

The lazy, debauched direction of the band comes clear from the get-go with Opener ‘Gush’ trickling into life with off-key melancholy before ‘Adjust The Way’ goes darker with bludgeoning bass and lazy feedback. A clear theme throughout ‘Urth’ is the abundance of 90’s alt influence. Later track ‘Mike’ rings with hints of Pixies while epic closer ‘It Knows It’ could have been birthed from a sweaty Smashing Pumpkins orgy. The thing that sets Kagoule apart from the other revivalists popping out of the woodwork is that they manage to make it sound fresh and vibrant rather than dusty and dull. Their interests may be planted in the past but their sights are set firmly on the future and that is an important trait to say the least.

Things continue at a suitably uninterested rate as ‘Damp Sand’ toys with echoing vocals and pretty refrains before ‘Greenbeefo’ flies by with instrumental energy. The delicacy and time put in to these songs is obvious as each note and beat sticks out like an incredibly sore thumb and has been clearly pondered over to reach its full potential. ‘Made Of Concrete’ is a deep pool of pattering drums and twinkly guitar licks before previously mentioned closer ‘It Knows It’ sees things out with building atmosphere and triumphantly confident leads.

What Kagoule have forged with ‘Urth’ is a selection of lazily engrossing slacker rock tunes with their fingers pointed firmly into the past. Without sounding dated or tedious the hard band include enough 90’s grit to counter their modern day malice and the result is a swirling mesh of that will have stoner rock, psychedlia and even extreme music fans finding something to enjoy.


‘Urth’ by Kagoule is out now on Earache Records.

Kagoule links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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