Album Review: Left of the Dial – Idly By

imageThis isn’t a bad LP, the recording is of a good quality, the vocalist suits the style of music superbly, with what is of a very similar style to the lead singer of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.  All the band members are tight together too, and show great competence on their respective instruments. Personally though, for me, I find it all just a little bit exhausting.  Don’t let me take anything away from what is a decent enough LP, I just reckon if I put all the songs together without a 2 second break in between, I couldn’t tell you the ending of ‘Crashing’ and the beginning of ‘Worrywart’.  The phrase ‘seamless compositions’ used in the bands bio really backs up what I’m trying to point out. Ironic?

However, there are flashes of real musical intelligence and there is no doubt that there are a few catchy hooks lying around, most of which are thrust in your face whether you like it or not. ‘Spin This To Win This’ is one such example. I imagine many a mosh pit and spillage of blood will occur when people hear it live.

Idly By by Left of the Dial

A vast majority of the songs contain most of the characteristics that I am now particularly frequented to after listening to this album over the course of the week. Heavy drums with the occasional fast tempo breakdown for verses, chugging bass, great sounding rhythm guitar that has a really wide and full presence (kudos!) and those growling, angry vocals. One small peeve is the lead guitar. Personally, for me, it lacks that huge sound and quality that is so important with all lead guitar parts in a track. I’m not sure whether intentional or not, but a lot of the time, the lead guitar is actually quieter than some of the rhythm section.

To sum up then, I think this LP isn’t bad, I don’t think it’s particularly mind blowing either, and I wouldn’t actively go out to buy it, but if you’re into the punk scene and like hearing angry songs that could potentially rupture your spleen if played over 80dB’s, then I’m pretty sure this is the album for you. On a personal scale though, not my kind of thing.


‘Idly By’ by Left of the Dial is out now on Panic Records.

Left of the Dial: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Alex Hart


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