Album Review: Light You Up – Broken Jaw

Having been kicking about for a couple of years it’s nice to finally have a release from Birmingham based Light You Up. Debut EP ‘Broken Jaw’ contains four tracks of hook-laden, melodic pop-rock.

EP opener and lead single ‘Firefox’ contains one of the catchiest chorus’ we’ve heard this year. It’s always nice to hear a UK band producing such infectious music. This track ticks all the boxes for us and sets the EP off to a strong start.

Title track ‘Broken Jaw’ also delivers with vocalist Tom Napier singing every word like he means it. There’s also a subtle hint of Chuck Ragan style gruff vocal in there which is always pleasing. The track sounds a lot like a more endearing song by Transitand the work of the Transit side-project Misser. Again it is catchy and big on melody and hooks.

Closing track ‘Lifebox’ is a much more relaxed offering and is a welcome change. It shows off strong song writing capabilities and is haunting and uplifting without being too dark and moody. 

This EP is a well-rounded offering for fans of pop-punk but will also appease fans of the old-school emo genre ala Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids. Light You Up are clearly not afraid to mix things up a little and show a vast range of influence and musical savvy on this short offering.

A full-length from this lot cannot come soon enough.


‘Broken Jaw’ by Light You Up is available now on Great Escape Records (digital) and Hang Tight Records (CD/Vinyl).

Light You Up links: Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Colin Henderson.


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