Album Review: Lilac Daze – Sedated

Lilac Daze’s new EP ‘Sedated’ is like an American letter written in blood and drenched in tears. Their music sounds organic and blossoms with a sincerity matched up with a sense of integrity. There are punk influences. There are dirty guitar lines that grow under the bashful drums. It is a record that will give the band that needed exposure. The songs are like little snippets, pieces of truth that don’t last too long. But that fact doesn’t chisel away at the records beauty, it still has enough there to entertain.

First off we have ‘Frederick Rock City’. It starts off with a sustainable and infectious riff. The vocals play through well, not disarming the song of any of its musical components. ‘Little Scout’ is completely different; it has a rougher edge, it doesn’t last long, but it does bang like a restless heart. Meanwhile, ‘Kathleen’ commences with a great guitar sequence. The added segment of a female voice gives the track a soothing balance. Finally, ‘Knives’ is lyrically hateful. The wordplay is brilliant but savagely cuts up someone that is disliked. It is short but awesomely composed.

Lilac Daze is a band that strike gold with their new EP. It’s fresh and elegant at times, but there is that added punch of rage. ‘Sedated’ is cool, honest, and highly infectious.


‘Sedated’ by Lilac Daze is out now on Black Numbers Records.

Lilac Daze links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Mark McConville (@Writer1990Mark)


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