Album Review: Look Alive – Mistakes & Milestones EP


It’s always great when an EP is able to grab your attention from the very moment it begins. ‘Mistakes & Milestones’ kicks off instantly; with loud, angry vocals which are combined with fast guitars and drumming; it’s the start of an EP which will keep you eager and on your toes. Moreover, there’s no doubt that ‘Anchored’– the opening track to the EP – will immediately put you in a positive mood – it’s as if it’s no coincidence it’s being released in time for the summer; combine tracks like these with a hot sunny day with your friends or chilling out and you’ll be sorted.

Atlanta based Look Alive have definitely started things off on the right foot with this release. However, they tend to be a bit cliché at times; for example, the second track ‘Sink Or Swim’ displays all of the typical lyrics of a pop punk song; lyrics that are along the lines of “keeping your head above water” and either “loving or hating your town” are themes that are not exactly unexplored in the world of pop punk. This doesn’t ruin the experience of listening to the EP however, but it feels extremely familiar and something that’s been done, perhaps too often. However, this EP really is solid throughout; it displays the kind of anger and passion you want to get from a punk band, whilst also remaining somewhat catchy and the great feeling you get from it is that you want to be out at a show screaming along.

The same pace is kept throughout; there aren’t any slow songs and whilst a change of pace on a record often welcomed, it’s clear that’s not what Look Alive are about here and it just works. Outstanding tracks include the bands first single from the EP; ‘Inquisition,’ packed full of catchy hooks and great lyrics, there isn’t a reason why this shouldn’t catch people’s attention.

Overall, Look Alive really have something going for them. ‘Mistakes & Milestones’ prove what a great pop punk band they are and It’s great being left excited from reviewing a band I haven’t previously heard of before. It’ll be great to see where Look Alive go from here.


‘Mistakes & Milestones’ EP by Look Alive is released on 2nd July on Autumn And Colour Records.

Look Alive links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Sarah Russell (@sarahbydesign)


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