Album Review: LTNT – RANK

LTNT - RankLast week, I got to dive into LTNT’s upcoming record ‘RANK’ and explain how it would be kicking off a massive nine-month marathon of live shows and four full-length releases for the band. ‘RANK’ is here; the marathon is off to a flying start.

‘Abso-Regular’ was the only preview track available and it’s just as explosive as the first listen. Liam Lever drives magnificently and his impact on the chugging ‘Boss Lady’ cannot be understated – the recent departure of their drummer certainly hasn’t thrown them off their game. The two-man assault of Lever and bassist Ben Clarke shows no signs of easing up; ‘No Home’ sounding as monstrous as it did when it shook the walls of last year’s Camden Rocks. I’ve caught LTNT in a live setting before, but I’ll be damned if the likes of ‘No Aquarius By Will’ and ‘In the Back of Your Mind’ aren’t excellent refreshers. ]

Rank by LTNT

Both offer better five-minute journeys to trump the all-out belters that dominate the album – it’s a welcome, explosive change of pace that really works in their favour. The duo might have set an ambitious challenge for themselves, but ‘RANK’ certainly alleviates any thoughts that they could struggle to pull it off.

‘Hole In My Heart’ carries an anthemic aura, closing ‘RANK’ with a wave of momentum. ‘Oh Drag’ is perfectly paced and contagious, while ’(Everything Was Beautiful And) Nothing Hurt’ proves an epic send-off. “Epic” is the word for ‘RANK’, and despite a mildly baffling interlude (heaven knows why), the song wraps up album one of four for 2016 with a hell of a statement made by Lever and Clarke. This could well be the year of LTNT; the ammunition is certainly there, and its looking like the arsenal will only get bigger from here.


‘RANK’ by LTNT is out now through Maybe Records.

LTNT links: BandPage|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Antony Lusmore (@VilinskiKonjic)


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