Album Review: Luke Godwin – Brand New Lands


London-based musician Luke Godwin reveals his many talents as a singer and songwriter through his new album ‘Brand New Lands’. The lad clearly has a large love for music, and it’s wonderful to listen to something that one musician has created all by himself. Luke sings, writes, plays and records all his own songs which is quite simply refreshing.

‘Brand New Lands’ is a delightfully developed album, starring soft soulful acoustic hits and gearing up to the more fiery alternative tracks. Luke has a wonderful voice that manages to mould to the emotions of the hits, moving from delicately sweet to raw and powerful.

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The album begins with the title track ‘Brand New Lands’, starring wonderfully playful acoustic riffs, which smashes into a influential upbeat dancey chorus with catchy lyrics, e.g. “Every time I close my eyes, I get lost in a world I made inside of my mind”. This follows with another cheerful tune ‘Grinding Gears’ which has an awesome beat and melody, you won’t be able to stop your feet from twitching along. The track stars outstanding guitar instrumentals that showcase Luke’s talent. Honestly, I just can’t help but want to dance along to the fantastic rhythm and mesmerising chorus.

The favourite from the record is ‘Another Throwaway Song’ for being exceptionally melodic with stunning riffs and loving lyrics that sweetly tug on your heart strings. The tune is pouring with real emotion that every listener can truly relate to. I also adored the added punchy swear words, a real attention grabber. Another hit is ‘Open Stories’ which is a more buoyant rocky track; it also has an incredible electrifying guitar instrumental.

The other top track is ‘Walk This Path Right’ for the imaginative lyrics that sweep the listener off onto a wonderfully dreamy story. The song is skilfully mesmerising with the slow emotional melodic pace among ambient acoustic riffs. ‘Brand New Lands’ finishes with ‘Too Soon’ which combines the varying styles, moving from a slow harmonious acoustic track to a fantastic powerful fast-paced piece.

‘Brand New Lands’ is a smashing record full of innovation and individuality. If you enjoy listening to new acoustic music made from genuine talent and passion, this is one for you. Luke Godwin has clearly put his heart and soul into this album, which makes it a real delight to listen to.


‘Brand New Lands’ by Luke Godwin is available now.

Luke Godwin links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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