Album Review: Max Raptor – Max Raptor

Ten years is long time in music. A decade scratching at the glass ceiling and bursting through to critical acclaim and strong plaudits; it’s a big commitment. Even the most novice of fans knows it isn’t that easy, and even more know it isn’t always the right option.

Take Midland sons Max Raptor. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride it seems, but never deterred by the lack of daytime radio play or high festival billings. It hasn’t stopped them churning out some of the finest rock songs this side of the River Trent and that trend continues with the release of their self-titled third effort.

With the anthemic ear of Hundred Reasons mixed with the unpredictability of Reuben and at times the brashness of Every Time I Die, Max Raptor craft punk rock for the modern day average Joe. Being cheeky enough to be endearing but also with enough sincere feeling behind them, the band’s self titled effort is overflowing with sharp hooks, crisp choruses and mosh pit-bothering riffs.

The snotty undertones of ‘When I Was A Gentlemen’ make for some intelligently quirky listening whilst ‘Concrete’ holds great earworm potential. It’s when the band let their hair down properly that they come into their own though and cuts such as ‘Great Discovery’ and closer ‘Last Words’ are full of chandelier-swinging raucousness to complement their hidden wittiness and brilliance.

Through and through, Max Raptor are one of the most untapped resources of greatness in our isle’s alternative scene and their self-titled effort is another gleaming stone in their riff-crafted crown. With more certified bangers than an award-winning butchers, the band continue to play by their own rules and craft music that they want to rather than what the scene dictates. Here’s to another 10 years of sticking it to the man.


’Max Raptor’ by Max Raptor is out now on Hassle Records.

Max Raptor links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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