Album Review: ME – Even The Odd Ones Out

imageAs soon as my ears began to hear the cheerful playful tunes on ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’ I was instantly reminded of Muse. ME have the similar upbeat theatrical rocky style and sound that has created Muse into the superstars they are today. Regardless of their alike musical style, ME are a talented instrumental bunch and have created an album filled with creative twists and outstanding melodies. The album is insanely diverse and every track is an innovative delight.

The record has a cracking introduction with ‘Hoo Ha’, a superb buoyant rocky track with outstanding vocals and symphony. The track stars talented instrumentals, theatrical backing vocals and a catchy chorus. The next track ‘Trails in the Sky’ changes the swift of the album, with a slower-pace and an ambient dream like sound. It features another fantastically catchy chorus, and the instrumentals have a unique magical touch with out-of-this-world twinkling effects and space style sounds. Every song is a fresh unique listen and you just don’t know what you’re going to get next – creating a truly spectacular album.

It’s a really tricky task picking out the favourite songs, but after careful consideration the favourite is ‘Westward Backwards’ for the technically advanced vocals and the wonderful use of violins and piano. The track screams passion and takes you off on a whirl-wind of different emotions. The chorus is hard-hitting and powerful with the heavy beat from the drums and electrifying guitar riffs. It is without-a-doubt an exceptional musical experience.

The album features extra added treats with the use of different instruments and a whole host of various different sound effects. The collection of tracks is almost like a musical, featuring such dramatic theatrical musical elements. The vocals are extraordinary, as the lead singer Luke Ferris manages to mould his voice to the different styles and emotions of the tracks. The other top smash hits are ‘Working Life’ and ‘Vampire Vampire’ for the incredible impressive vocals and experimental sounds. 

ME have produced an terrific innovative album, that manages to cleverly infuse different alternative musical genres to create such diverse tracks. ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’ is a sensational record that explodes with musical and instrumental talent. This album is recommended to everyone who appreciates real music with real individuality and flair, and wishes to treat their ears to astonishing electrifying music.


‘Even The Odd Ones Out’ by ME is available now on Lizard King Records.

ME links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Youtube|Soundcloud|Spotify

Words by Chantelle Kelly


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