Album Review: Milkshakes – Exactly Where I Need To Be

imageConnecticut wonderboys Milkshakes are back with a brand new EP. Having previously released an incredible split with Wisdom Teeth, I’ve been waiting patiently to see where this band take their next step. Having featured them in our Something For The Weekend article, I knew they were capable of releasing solid new music, and they haven’t disappointed with this record. ‘Exactly Where I Need To Be’ is a progression of that split and they’ve taken it up a notch both musically and emotionally.

‘Exactly Where I Need To Be’ is 4 tracks of indie-emo bliss. Engineered and mixed by Algernon Cadwallader’s Joe Reinhart (whose most recent work of note is the Hop Along record) this EP takes the next step forward for the band. Pushing out more vocal aggression and leaning more on the melodic side of things, ‘Exactly Where I Need To Be’ is the record I knew this band could achieve.

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If you’re a fan of artists like, Seahaven, Make Do And Mend, and others of this ilk then I cannot imagine you not enjoying this record. ‘Snow’ is my favourite of the 4 tracks with it’s almost country led guitar and its lyrical emotion portrayed perfectly but every track on the record has its own charm and highlights. I would love to see what direction they would take when recording a full length as I believe that there’s still so much more to this band that we haven’t seen yet. Keep an ear to the ground and hopefully before the end of 2013 we’ll have a contender for album of the year.


‘Exactly Where I Need To Be’ by Milkshakes is available now.

Milkshakes links: Facebook|Bandcamp.

Words by Rosie Kerr.


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