Album Review: Miss May I – At Heart

Talk about knocking it up a notch, seriously. ‘At Heart’ is the new album from metalcore band Miss May I and absolutely blows first effort ‘Apologies Are For The Weak’ totally out of the brutal and blood saked water.

‘At Heart’ is not for the faint of hearted. Or those who are elderly and possibly prone to being shocked half to death. Actually, there’s enough live and energy in this album that it could probably knock someone to death and then bring them up again with the liveliness of someone a quarter of their age (Don’t quote me on it as I’m surprisingly not a doctor).

Every riff is mean as Cruella De Vil and as ferocious as all of those dalmatians tearing her limb from limb. Yeah, I mean it. Every single dalmatian. All 101 of them (or 102 if you want to count that crappy live action movie). Don’t forget those blistering drums, that gritty as hell bass and those powerful vocals that have got more force than He-Man’s testicles. Hopefully this metaphorical picture I’ve painted is that this album is LOUD and it’s HEAVY. You’ll realise that more now due to the capitalisation of both of those words.

All this is rounded up when I say that it well and truly is knocked up a notch. If you thought ‘Apologies…’ was heavy then this really is another level and you’ll love it. It’s not the best metalcore album we’ll get this year, but it’s certainly paving a way for things to come in the future. Bloody, brutal and HEAVY things. Keep an eye on Miss May I.


‘At Heart’ by Miss May I is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Michael Brown (@MikeyMiracle)


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