Album Review: Monster Treasure – Monster Treasure

Summer is right around the corner apparently. It’s time for burning to a crisp in the garden, catching some sick waves down at Cleethorpes beach and taking long road trips to KFC and back. Though summer is really nothing without a soundtrack, you want something that reflects the sunshine surrounding you perfectly whilst making sure every care you have is forgotten for half an hour or so. You’ll be glad to know that Stockton’s own Monster Treasure have exactly what you need, except it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

All held together by a rich layer of static, the debut full-length from the band is a pleasantly dark one. Though there are pinches of dream and beach pop influence floating in the melting pot, this self-titled effort is mainly a lo-fi journey into the deep confines of Monster Treasure’s insecurities and anxieties.

‘Over’ brims with spiteful breeziness and guffaws at past loves with sneering disdain, while ‘Assholes’ slams with bass driven angst and spiky beats and ’Wasting’ delivers whacky rockabilly vibes alongside its monotonous vocal line. There’s something about Monster Treasure that is truly intoxicating. They create a very sticky and discomforting atmosphere while still producing music that is extremely pleasant and easy to listen to. The ability to write music that sounds acceptably passive with enough going on to still grab your attention and cling to you like tar is something not many bands can get right and even less can master. Monster Treasure sure aren’t far off.

All in all, ‘Monster Treasure’ is a sweetly sour mix of lazy riffing, bristling fuzz and indifferent lyricism that still manages to pack a memorable punch. Monster Treasure slot very nicely into the current crop of bands tuning things very loosely while still possessing enough groove to get by perfectly fine on their own merits.


’Monster Treasure’ by Monster Treasure is released on May 27th on Leisure & District.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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