Album Review: Moose Blood – Blush

At this stage, it’s pretty pointless giving you the need-to-know facts on Moose Blood. Having spent the best part of two years showcasing the delightful ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time’ wherever possible, album number two now arrives with a wave of expectation yet with the early promise of another stellar record in the pairing of recent singles ‘Honey’ and ‘Knuckles’.

Thoroughly uplifting in their delivery, it’s a style that remains a constant on ‘Blush’. Opener ‘Pastel’ drives straight in with a playful lead guitar complimenting Eddy Brewerton’s sincere tale of missing his loved ways; “I need you to say it, so I don’t overthink it.” along with the closing line of “you know you have me.”

Throughout ‘Blush’, Moose Blood show their tendency to write addictive choruses. The aforementioned ‘Honey’ and ‘Knuckles’ are bright and full of optimism and heart. They have always lyrically been inclined to be honest and endearing, yet this time, they’ve clasped the ability to write even catchier choruses than before.

Admittedly, Moose Blood’s brand of upbeat emo rock does become tiresome and formulaic in places. Mid-album tracks ‘Glow’ and ‘Cheek’ are fun and keep up the pace yet get lost in the shuffle. ‘Sway’ puts things back on track with an underlying twinkle before ‘Shimmer’ brings the tempo down. Its delicate approach is heart-melting before erupting in the final minute with stirring guitars serving as the emotional release.

Nevertheless, it’s ‘Spring’ that is albums most compelling and rawest cuts. Carried with a haunting beauty, Brewerton’s stripped down guitar and voice are delivered with grief and pain; “The way you died, did it hurt at all?”

For a follow-up record, ‘Blush’ is as consistent as its predecessor. They’ve crafted a set of emotionally-tinged and thoroughly honest songs that aren’t over-complicated. Ultimately ‘Blush’ marks a growth in confidence from a band who are becoming comfortable in their abilities. A worthy record that reinforces their growing reputation.


‘Blush’ by Moose Blood is released on August 5th on Hopeless Records.

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Words by Sêan Reid (@SeanReid86)


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