Album Review: Nathan Detroit – Peace of Mind EP

Nathan Detroit may not be a name that music fans are as familiar with as they really should be. But the emo charged pop-rockers from Trowbridge have been hard at work trying to change that, currently preparing to release their third EP in two years. And to get straight to the point that EP, titled ‘Peace Of Mind’, is an absolute gem of a listen.

The band have taken the jangling angst ridden sound brought to the pop-punk fore by acts like The Story So Far and Neck Deep and given it a subtle but potent makeover. Although not lacking in any potency, urgency or feeling, Nathan Detroit have produced their own slicker, poppier take on the sound with much tighter melodies and more controlled and composed vocals then the above mentioned bands and their ilk.

Proceedings open brightly enough with the well-paced build of ‘The Way Down’, growing from a simple prolonged interplay of mid-tempo bass and guitar riffs before breaking out into one of the record’s biggest choruses.

The urgency and energy levels are quickly ramped up with ‘Never Enough’, driving distorted guitars and fast paced prominent drum fills keeping the track zipping along while the vocals puts in a shift with a seriously strong performance.

‘Be Part of This World’ sees Nathan Detroit return to another exemplary use of the slow build into a crashing chorus format, to it must be said, great effect. Catchy stop-start guitar chords dominate the song, while once again the vocals are powerful yet surprisingly tender.

Closer ‘Peace Of Mind’ provides a crescendo to a brilliantly built up EP, bringing things to a supremely confidant and catchy as hell close. A massive attention grabbing, fist pumping chorus hook underpinned by a towering lead guitar line and more strong drum work.

It’s impossible to underplay just how enjoyable this four song blast of riotously fun pop rock is. Jammed with major league chorus hooks and vocals that put most UK pop-rock acts to shame, ‘Peace of Mind’ is over far too quickly and shows Nathan Detroit have the potential to make a storming long player if they can maintain this level of song writing over a larger number of tracks.


‘Peace of Mind’ by Nathan Detroit is out now on Saint November Records.

Nathan Detroit links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Dane Wright (@MrDaneWright)


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