Album Review: New Found Glory – Kill It Live

imageWhen it comes to pop punk bands there is no band that does it better on record and definitely putting on a fun and energetic live show like New Found Glory. Having released seven full length albums over their sixteen year period of being a band people welcomed with open arms their first EVER live album.

And I have to say being a massive NFG fan I got really psyched when I heard about this live album finally happening. Boasting a massive track listing of twenty songs which also includes three new songs to wet NFG fans appetite and hint of future material it’s a great album.

Starting off with the fans chanting “New Found Glory, New Found Glory, New Found Glory”, the band launch into a fast an furious quick ‘Intro’ before going straight into the bouncing anthem ‘Understatement’. The crowd is on fine form screaming back to the band “it’s time that I rain on your parade” at the start of ‘Don’t Let Her Pull You Down’ which vocally goes back and forth between Jordan and the crowd.

The band runs through some of their most singalong songs from their back catalogue, ‘All Downhill From Here’ sounds as fresh as the day I heard it on record. Whilst ‘Hit Or Miss’; the ultimate pop punk song is over ten years old but is still a massive anthem to old and new fans.

Of course with 2012 being the ten year anniversary of their ‘Sticks and Stones’ album they play through a couple of songs off the album. The already mentioned ‘Understatement’, the slower emotional ‘Sonny’, the circle pit punk anthems ‘Something I Call Personality’ and ‘Forget My Name’ and the catchy lead guitar filled ‘The Story So Far’ all sounding great.

With the band releasing a previous split EP with Bridge Nine Records, the band know how to bring the mosh with some heavy songs. ‘At Least I’m Known For Something’ has that heavy crunch yet lets the pop punk leads come through as well. ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’ is a really fast, old style punk song that in my eyes could have caused some serious circle pit action in the crowd.

The band finish on the ultimate NFG song which if you know the song, will no doubt sing it in your head when you read the title, ‘My Friends Over You’. A perfect mix of fast punk rhythms, catchy lyrics and a great lead hook it finishes the set off perfectly.

.And now onto the three new songs which were added to wet the appetite of NFG fans waiting for new music. The first song ‘I Want To Believe’ is a fast song at first but then gets into that bounce pop punk feel during the chorus. ‘Connect The Dots’ is a real pop style song with the little lead guitar riff, it’s really catchy which speeds up and leads into some great guitar work. The last song ‘First Bite’ is another sweet song with chugging riffs that lead into some melodic rhythms that bounces back to slower chugging riffs.

I have to say this is a great little live album as the band really does know what songs work well live and don’t work well. The songs they’ve chosen for this live album were perfect choices as it is a mix of all styles the band has. With this being said it wouldn’t have hurt to make it a lot longer as I’ve been to a NFG show where they have played close to twenty five plus songs! Throwing in some cover songs would have added a nice change to straight NFG songs, and would have helped split the set up.

Another aspect they should have added was to film the set and add a DVD to this release as it sounds like a small club show, and I would have loved to see them in full force with crowd surfers and sweaty bodies flying everywhere. Nevertheless this is a great live album that really showcases what an NFG show is all about with mass singalongs, bouncing pop punk riffs and some heavier songs thrown in for good measure. If anyone wanted a New Found Glory UK tour, then you’ll certainly want one after hearing this, I know I do.


‘Kill It Live’ by New Found Glory is available now on Violent Happy/Bridge Nine Records.

New Found Glory links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Aaron Wilson


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