Album Review: Of Mice And Men – Restoring Force: Full Circle

Establishing dominance comes second nature to Of Mice And Men. The catharsis of expelling the frustration of years gone by has earned ‘Restoring Force’ its place among the best albums of 2014. However, its story is not yet over.

Presenting four new tracks to add even more depth to an already iconic record, ‘Restoring Force: Full Circle’ takes its predecessor’s hard-earned legacy into its hands, but thankfully adds enough to make this reissue worthwhile.

“I don’t live in a cage,” cries Carlisle in ‘Public Service Announcement’. True to such words, each track holds its own, breaking free of the constraints of emotional limits. From the threatening ‘You Make Me Sick’ to the consuming ‘Identity Disorder’, ‘Restoring Force’ is undoubtedly an indomitable record.

The towering anthemic cries of ‘Bones Exposed’, symbolic of Austin Carlisle’s beleaguered journey to present day success, stand just as contagiously defiant as the first time. In contrast, time stands still in contemplation throughout the sombre ‘Space Enough To Grow’, creating a beautiful chaos at odds with the tricksy riffs of ‘Would You Still Be There’. The call-to-arms of standout new addition ‘Broken Generation’ complements the heart-wrenchingly heavy ‘Glass Hearts’, presenting the infectious singalong “can you hear them calling?” alongside OM&M’s trademark rousing riffs.

“I see right through you”, spits ‘Something To Hide’, furthering the menacingly destructive atmosphere of predecessor ‘You Make Me Sick’. Similarly, ‘Never Giving Up’ mirrors the hard-driven defiance of ‘You’re Not Alone’, showcasing Valentino Arteaga‘s passionate drum work, while effortless cleans and heartfelt screams juxtapose perfectly as always.

Accompanying its devastating counterpart, ‘Feels Like Forever (Acoustic)’ presents a powerful closer, bringing its beautiful lyrical content to the fore as acoustic guitars are pushed to their brink. Transforming a venomous anthem into a reflective ballad is no mean feat, but Of Mice And Men are renowned for turning their expert hands to musical impossibilities.

Bearing the constant reminder “don’t let the world bring you down”, ‘Restoring Force’ has undoubtedly come full circle. You’d be forgiven for thinking their third full length couldn’t get any more definitive, yet the four bonus tracks from ’Full Circle’ are the extra additions to Of Mice And Men’s already astounding catalogue you didn’t realise you needed.


’Restoring Force: Full Circle’ by Of Mice And Men is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Ali Cooper (AliZombie_)


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