Album Review: Ola Madrid – Distance Is Decay EP


Meet New Jersey post progressive indie rockers Ola Madridoriginally a trio and now a quartet, the band has released their EP ‘Distance Is Decay’, and what a belter it is. Their influences from each genre manage to combine in a way in which their sound is really fresh, exciting and slightly unique.

The opening hook of ‘Collective’ is enough to give the thumbs up with this EP: energetic, refreshing and edgy the track soon welcomes the passion filled vocals of Oscar Bamaca that truly represent Ola Madrid’s love for their music. The steady but powerful percussion keeps the track at a mid-pace, yet still provides a fantastic energy.

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The bass solo that begins ‘Open Letter’ soon leads into the joining of the other members, similarly to ‘Collective’ oozing with energy from the lively riffs and faster percussion. Yet again the vocals shine on this track, perfectly complimenting the captivating rhythms behind them as they do throughout the whole EP; there’s something distinct about the screams that come right from the bottom of Bamaca’s lungs, with that passion being reiterated over and over again.

I Am The Sun’ and closing track ‘California, Hear Me Out’ are just as brilliant, keeping up the energy with the strong percussion and infectiously lively melodies. A group chant in the final seconds of the closing track add great impact and as the EP fades to a close it just leaves me wanting more.

Ola Madrid has got themselves a new fan; ‘Distance Is Decay’ is such a refreshing EP and for an unsigned band, these guys have got something special about them. This record is really promising and I can only hope that the quartet move onto big things, because they certainly deserve it.


Distance Is Decay’ by Ola Madrid is out now.

Ola Madrid links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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