Album Review: Palisades – Outcasts


Palisades are an American heavy post-hardcore group hailing from New Jersey. ‘Outcasts’ is a powerful screamo album packed full of heavy instrumentals and breakdowns, and awesome ferocious screaming, all mixed with electronic symphonies.

Palisades worked with producer Cameron Mizell who has previously worked with Woe, Is Me. To be completely honest, there are similarities between the two bands who both enjoy using electronic symphonies, however Palisades have a softer pop-punk style. The lead singer Louis Miceli sounds uncannily the same as the talented The Used vocalist Bert McCracken.

The album begins with ‘We Are All’ which stars electronic symphonies and futuristic sounds, which then breaks down into a heavy fast paced rock track. The chorus features catchy lyrics; “come to me in your time of need when you’re so alone and there’s no one to run to”. The hit features powerful screams, and is an electrifying punchy introduction to ‘Outcasts.’

The top smash hit is ‘Your Disease’ which begins with heavy vocals and aggressive hard-hitting riffs. The entire track is angry and powerful, with a mesmerising melody and an outstanding chorus. The instrumentals are furiously fast-paced with fantastic prevailing drums. The track is enhanced by the electronic elements that work superbly alongside the instrumental talent.

The other favourite is ‘A Disasterpiece’ which has a speedy beat and stars American catchy pop-punk vocals, giving the fans something to sing along to. The track stars more ferocious vocals and screams, with more futuristic sounds. The whole track is simply a hit with the gripping melody and awesome chorus; you can’t help but sing and dance along.

The song ‘A.I’ has a real pop-punk feel with gentler vocals and little screams. The chorus is absolutely fantastic and cleverly catchy with thrilling lyrics such as the following, “I like it better when I’m made of bolts/ no human flesh could withstand the threshold/ I recommend advice to all my friends/ you’ll never have to be alone again.” The instrumental talent is outstanding, and the sweet soft electronic sounds add an angelic touch to the closing. 

It’s obvious that Palisades are a talented bunch, and ‘Outcasts’ is a fantastic heavy hardcore album filled with tremendous instrumentals, brutal screams and incredible melodies. However, it’s nothing new, the screamo genre is packed full of talented groups already. ‘Outcasts’ is nothing original, creative or innovative; I’ve heard it all before. On the other hand, you can’t doubt that the band are talented, I just hope they find their own original twist or flare to add to their next album. 


‘Outcasts’ by Palisades is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Chantelle Kelly (@ChantelleKelly3)


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