Album Review: Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

If you’re looking for twelve tracks to feel sorry for yourself to then look no further. Hailing from Michigan, Pity Sex’s ‘White Hot Moon’ is just what you’re looking for with the combination of fuzzed-out guitars, melodic emo structures, hazed-out vocals and poetic love-y lyrics fresh from your secret diary.

‘A Satisfactory World For Reasonable People’ opens with a paced but calming shoegaze-esque soundscape. Brennan Greave’s sleepy vocals guide the track, later joined by Britty Drake and the switches between male and female vocals are smooth and flowing rather than an abrupt interjection. ‘Burden You’ begins overbearing with muffled drums and doesn’t really progress structurally with repetitive lyrics, perhaps due to the their pop-like experimentations. ‘Bonhomie’ leads to believe that it will be the same with a drawn-out lulled introduction but drops into a drum driven pop punk tune that’s bound to get a crowd to jump about.

Later, the upbeat ‘Orange and Red’ vocally gives Drake a song of her own and her voice proves to have more direction and drive when given the spotlight. ‘Dandelion’ also gives us a short but sweet listen to airy subtle guitar chords and Drake’s soft vocals guiding through again. Then comes the title track which introduces the blend of male and female vocals once again, and to prove this Greave sings, “we’ll blend together” while Drake heightens her pitch to do so. Finishing off, ‘Wrappen Burgers’ makes up for what the album should have been with a balance between fuzzed-the-fuck-out and moments of proven instrumental talent.

All in all, it’s a strange journey through ‘White Hot Moon’. You’re on a long night drives and the stars are out but there’s not many twists and turns on the road but sometimes that’s all you want.


’White Hot Moon’ by Pity Sex is released on 29th April on Run For Cover Records.

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Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_)


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