Album Review: Placeholder – Nothing Is Pure

Influenced by the likes of Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring and American Football, and compared to bands such as Balance & Composure and Polar Bear Club, for some Pennsylvania’s Placeholder sound like a very promising group.

Their début full-length, ’Nothing Is Pure’ sees the band compete with their compatriots in a strong light, as it delivers a healthy mix of emo and post-hardcore with a subtle raw punk-like delivery. Tracks like ’Resent’ and ’What This Means’ take an melodic angst that is satisfying yet their influences are somewhat obvious. 

Nevertheless ‘Nothing Is Pure’ sees a young band relieving themselves musically and lyrically; ’Give Up’ is a fierce, straight forward blast of post-hardcore driven by plenty of emotion. 

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Lyrically the band come across as mature beyond their years with ’Your Life And Mine’ and ’Confess’ being personally and provocative.

In addition, the band prove to be structurally strong in their song-writing. For example ’Written’ contains a memorable chorus that bursts through the bands chaotic yet formatted approach. 

The downfalls of ’Nothing Is Pure,’ is that Placeholder’s downtrodden tone, at times, can seem to much and borderlines on becoming disheartening. While the bands tendency for their influences to become to heavy, doesn’t give them the opportunity to develop a defined identity.

However with a good variation in tempo and style, along with intricate, mature lyrics, Placeholder have provided a strong, admirable début that is thoroughly focused and will have fans of the genre hooked. 


‘Nothing Is Pure’ by Placeholder is available now on Better Day Records.

Placeholder links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)


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