Album Review: Polar – Inspire Create Destroy


Their name just seems to be everywhere and for some reason I’ve never listened to them. I now have their EP, ‘Inspire Create Destroy’ – an exclusive release to Drop Dead Clothing customers and I can’t understand why it has taken me this long to listen to these guys; I now see what the fuss is all about. 

Sounding very similar to the intro to ‘Dreamboy’ by Don Broco, ‘Inspire’ breaks away from that similarity and displays energy and adrenaline immediately. Sounding unlike most other hardcore style bands, Polar have the perfect mix of heavy guitars and drums whilst keeping it interesting with melodic guitar parts. This is what most hardcore music is missing; melody in the music.

The guitars work together perfectly, giving the vocals the perfect riffs to bounce off and show exactly what Adam is capable of in ‘Create’. The screamed vocals reach moments of almost singing that make my hair stand on end, complimented perfectly by the backing vocals; nice. 

Opening with an atmospheric intro, ‘Destroy’ closes this short EP with a slowburning energy that makes me want more. There aren’t many hardcore bands out there that can slow down and create tension, but Polar can, and this shows why they’re making such a name for themselves. 

I feel a bit stupid for not listening to Polar before now, and that’s all from a 3 track EP. Short and sweet has done the trick, gaining themselves a new fan. An interesting promotion technique with Drop Dead, it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. I have no doubt that these guys can display the intensity live, now it’s just a matter of seeing them. I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys this year  for sure. 


‘Inspire Create Destroy’ by Polar is out on the 27th May on Drop Dead.

Polar links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Callum McPhee (@Callum0510)


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