Album Review: Polar – No Cure No Saviour

It’s a challenge for hardcore artists to define themselves as unique. In the UK particularly, hardcore often goes one way; the rusty cogs recycling cliché breakdowns and corny motifs. However hard it is to sound different, Surrey outfit Polar succeed by primarily finding a balance between the elements that shape the genre and their own melodic, personal touches. With their new album ‘No Cure No Saviour’ working in conjunction with Crisis to raise awareness of homelessness, Polar secure themselves a long term placement in the scene.

Tracks like ‘Downfall’ and ‘Destroy’ are ones you’ll come straight back to with their heavy-hitting atmospheric soundscapes created by subtle guitar-work. It’s also worth noting Adam Woodford’s gritty, distinguishable vocal work. Sometimes it’s not hard to understand why people unfamiliar with the genre can’t hear the lyrics, whereas Woodford’s vocals are gruff but have a certain clarity to them.

‘Tidal Waves and Hurricanes’ echoes simplistic scream-along sequences reminiscent of While She Sleeps crowd pleasers. The interlude-esque ‘No Cure’ makes for a pensive two minutes if you listen to the fuzzy opening background dialogue, carefully keeping in mind that the current issue of homelessness brought inspiration for the album. Similarly, the almost sinister ‘Cold Dark Nothing’ does the same job albeit short. Polishing the album off, ‘No Saviour’ begins with an ethereal, soft guitar segment which follows into a heavier progression, atmospheric drumming guiding the album to a close where all the elements tried and tested in the album are brought together.

With ‘No Cure No Saviour’, Polar have nailed it in proving that it’s not all about the breakdowns and have brought an air of genuine authenticity for other bands to look up to.


’No Cure No Saviour’ by Polar is released on 6th May on Prosthetic Records.

Polar are working with charity Crisis to raise awareness of homelessness with their new album.

Polar links: Facebook|Twitter

Words by Phoebe Messenger (@kangaezu_)


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