Album Review: Red Seas Fire – Confrontation

Clocking in at just over 20 minutes long, Red Seas Fire’s EP ‘Confrontation’ is an education in brutal, unrelenting music that borders on Industrial in places, but on the whole is a crunching metal experience. This is the second EP in a set of three (‘Exposition’ being the first, ‘Resolution’ being the as of yet unreleased third) which will combine to become the band’s next full length LP.

In the space of 4 tracks, this Bristolian trio lay down a unique sound of thick, chugging guitars alongside some fierce, pronounced, thumping drums and raw, growling vocals that flip from aggressive screams to reverb happy sung lines in an instant. Opening track ‘Tyrants’ starts off with a deceivingly mellow, ambient intro before the band crash in will an all out metal-come-industrial assault. Most impressive on this release is the drum sound and production. Now, they are hyper produced and in places i’m guessing triggered, but it adds to the tone and obviously is a part of their playing style. They are in your face from the off and not buried under layers of guitars, bass and vocals. You can hear this best I think in track 3 ‘The Grand Escape’, which involves some intricate bass drum and tom work that would usually be buried in the mix, but is brought to the fore for this band.

This isn’t a release for the faint of heart. Channeling the likes of Fear Factory, Machine Head & Ministry, it’s pounding, unrelenting and doesn’t let the pace drop. If i’m honest this style of metal isn’t usually my thing, but I was left wishing it was longer! The production is top notch and the guitar work doesn’t leave me feeling bored after 90 seconds as I find some music in this genre can. I’m looking forward to the next installment of this trilogy and the eventual LP release. For fans of hyper produced drums, metal/tech guitar riffs and dark tones, this is the one.


‘Confrontation’ by Red Seas Fire is out now.

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Words by Luke Crook (@paisleysoul)


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