Album Review: Roughneck Riot – Out of Anger

In the current state of rock ‘n’ roll, I think it’s safe to say a lot of us have a pretty hard time finding new bands that can keep our attention and really make a fan out of us. It’s a new world with a lot of talent, but thanks to TNS Records, ‘Out of Anger’, the brash, and ruthless new album by Roughneck Riot is available, and it has me hooked. It might be on it’s way to becoming a borderline addiction.

This six piece folk-punk band from Warrington UK is on a mission to carve their name into the traditional folk tree and tear it down to make their own. Frontman Matty Humphries’ lyrical content and vocal approach is sure to grab the nearest punk kid by his collar and introduce him/her to a whole new world of music they may not have heard before. Then again, how could you ignore a lead singer who’s also ripping a mandolin? That’s interesting all on it’s own, but it gets better. Matty is accompanied by Ryan Taylor (bass), Chris Green (guitar), Tez Walker (drums), Caitlin Costello (banjo), and Sam Bell (accordion). Clearly, these guys are quite the musicians and not afraid to knock a few walls down. ‘Out of Anger’ is sure fire proof of that. You can trust me when I say, by the time you reach the fourth track (‘All That We Know’) you’ll be hooked like I am. It’s one of those songs you can’t get out of your head with an adrenaline building intro leading you into a sea of melodic, yet still aggressive and purposeful punk rock. It’s sure to be a crowd favorite at shows, especially with Humphries’ lyrics in it which seem to beg for clarity in a very clear state of discontent, as the struggle to hold on to lessons learned over time in a counter-productive world that refuses to allow it. A feeling we’re all familiar with and need to hear from someone else every now and then.

A very close second for me has to be ‘England’s Desperate Liars’. Once again proving they’re not afraid to showcase their undeniable talent and musical craftsmanship, Roughneck Riot show us that they’re not just riding a wave of political punk rock, but that they’re the real deal. This song is a quick, heavy and catchy right hook to the jaw of the the slightly less popular people in power, a similar topic spoken of in the traditional folk inspired, ‘The Green Unpleasant Land’. A thoughtful message accompanied by incredible musicianship. If anthems are something you’re driven to find right now, this is the band for you.

The Roughneck Riot have been compared to some of the most iconic bands in punk rock such as Bad Religion, and NOFX which is a simple comparison for any band who calls themselves “punk”. Try and imagine Dropkick Murphys with a banjo and accordion instead, and that’s what you get with ‘Out of Anger’. Nothing short of bad-ass. If they haven’t already, I’d love to see them on stage in support of Street Dogs or Bouncing Souls. It’s a dirty and gritty sounding record but extremely well written, their performance is unbelievable and lyrically, they’re very socially aware. There’s a real sense of independence and individuality to this record and it’s everything our generation and younger need to hear. The brutal honesty, the abrasive musicianship, it’s all there.

There’s something for everyone on this record, and it will stand on it’s own for a long time due to the genuine passion driving the songs. There’s a certain credit due to any band who has the nerve to stand up, and speak their minds on topics that most bands might be too afraid to even imagine incorporating into their music. These guys (and girl) definitely live up to their reputation as one of the best underground acts in the UK, and most definitely deserve the respect of a broader audience as does any band who’s not afraid to take chances musically and lyrically. Absolutely no doubt that there is a promising future ahead for the Roughneck Riot, and I hope to see them make their way over to the US sooner than later.


‘Out of Anger’ by Roughneck Riot is out now on TNS Records.

Roughneck Riot links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Tom Kunzman (@TomKunzman)


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