Album Review: Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox – Split EP

imageIt’s long been established that when Topshelf Records releases something, that something is going to be good. Records like this Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox split are exactly why that’s the case. Clocking in at just seven minutes, each band has one three-minute-something chance to detail why people should take notice and each band is thoroughly successful in the head turning stakes.

Sainthood Reps are up first with ‘Deadlines,’ a track that winds its way around the mind and latches on like an emotional parasite. You’ll be feeding this one with every thought you have until finally it detaches itself, leaving only the shadow of a brilliant guitar line and the echo of desperate backing vocals to sate your racing mind.

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Weatherbox drop in second with a considerably more upbeat track in the form of ‘Big News.’ Carried along by some magnificent, meandering guitar playing and solid rhythm work the vocals here twist and turn, repeat and come again until there is absolutely no way of forcing Weatherbox out of your head. More immediately accessible than Sainthood Reps’ perhaps, but no better – based on this release both of these bands are magnificent and both can look forward to good things.

Topshelf have given two bands access to each other’s fans as well as putting their own good name down in favour of the pair and all in all, everyone should be pretty happy. These tracks represent the first new recordings for either band in a good while and if they’re anything to go by the future is bright – definitely worth a listen.


‘Split EP’ by Sainthood Reps / Weatherbox is available now on Topshelf Records.

Sainthood Reps links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

Weatherbox links: Facebook

Words by Tom Knott.


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