Album Review: Sea Of Giants – The Greater Good

imageHailing from the seaside town of Bridlington, hardcore mob Sea Of Giants have released their new EP, the very heavy ‘The Greater Good.’

Now, some bands start EPs with slow instrumental pieces or some low lulling sounds to build up to something heavy for an intro for track two. However for track one, Sea Of Giantsgo for a sound clip of Morgan Freeman from the film The Shawshank Redemption on ‘Rehabilitated’. Leading into ‘Reality North’ it opens with a heavy guitar riff and soon leads into a melodic rhythm guitar with screaming and backing vocals. The song changes from melodic rhythms to some of the heaviest of heavy guitar breakdowns.

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Two songs which are similar in structure and sound are ‘Every Wave’ and ‘Trenches’. Both come in with some fast paced guitar riffs and drums, they soon speed up which leads to a massive breakdown, before both slowing back down again.

The band then mix things up on ‘Changing Colours’ by having the usual melodic-style rhythms, but this time adding some sweetly sung clean vocals, bringing another element. Last song on the EP ‘Seasick’ is a slowed down doomy-riffed song, the riffs arriving thick and fast. With some added lead guitar work near the end of the song it finishes the EP off nicely.

I have to say the band have a solid sound and show promise in their song writing, but their riffs and style have been done before. Mixing things up with clean vocals is a nice touch, and something the band could work on or maybe even experiment a little more. A nice little EP to really showcase what the band is about but with a little work they could be really great.


The Greater Good’ by Sea Of Giants is available to download now on Bandcamp.

Sea Of Giants links: Facebook|Tumblr|BandCamp

Words by Aaron Wilson (Words by @soundslikeajw).


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