Album Review: Seagraves – Weight of the World


I have always seen Leeds as being a breeding ground for great bands; Seagraves are infantile as a group but have enough experience from previous projects to know exactly what they are doing. ‘Weight of the World’ – five tracks of crust infused D-beat hardcore with a metallic twinge- is released on Nottingham’s Witch Hunter Records, a perfect home for their debut release.

Combining dual vocals, frantic raw distorted guitars and fast pace drumming it is a heavy offering blending a number of sub-genres to create a band with the potential to capture a diverse fan base.

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‘Hollow Lies’ is a track clearly rooted in hardcore, however with the guitar tones and the use of two vocalists gives it a metallic undertone. It’s fairly straightforward but a decent opener.

‘Dreams Are For Fools’ has a brilliant guitar groove and is the part of this band I love, it doesn’t shine through on the opening track well enough but it is good that they portray themselves better as the release goes on. 

Title track ‘Weight Of The World’ is similar, Seagraves are bringing melody and groove to an aggressive style and it will help them stand out as a group, the vocals demonstrate so much power on record and luckily I know it transcends perfectly on the live circuit. If anything this release has ever so slightly tamed that rage and ferocity I have been fortunate to see live.

Final track ‘Wrong’ (which is accompanied by a video) is the definitive Seagraves sound; combining the D-beat, crust, hardcore and melody it is without a doubt the strongest track; the opening riff is frantic, the vocals use a sort of call and response in parts whilst still staying strong solo, the last minute of the song contains a straightforward groove and simple lyrics which just ends the EP on a high.

As a band Seagraves are young but the four members have more than enough experience behind them. ‘Weight Of The World’ is a strong debut, it is consistently good and never lets up. There is room for growth certainly, it is already evident in the 5 tracks with each one surpassing the other. 


‘Weight Of The Wold’ by Seagraves is out now on Witch Hunt Records.

Seagraves links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Robert Maddison (@bertmaddison)


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