Album Review: Sean Grant and the Wolfgang – 7 Deadly 7 EP

Hailing from not-so-sunny Milton Keynes are dynamic, indie 4-piece Sean Grant and the Wolfgang with their folk influences, narrative-driven tunes and brand new EP, ’7 Deadly 7’.

’Brother’ has been released as a single, about which frontman Sean Grant has said, “Essentially this track is a ferocious circle of wanting more from life.” The reoccurring melodies and lyrical segments, half-baked aura and chillingly atmospheric bridge all aid to mirror the idea of an endless repeat of the same dull day. A deeper multitude of frustrations, meanings and experiences are all packed into three minutes’ worth of impressive song-writing.

Standout track ’Best of Men’ shapes the substance of the EP with its dreamy chords, captivating melodies and crystal vocals that flow with elegance. Guaranteed to get your foot tapping, this song has genius lyricism encompassing Grant and co.’s trademark story-telling element. ’Take A Man’s Body’ features the most venting of all the tracks; ”You take a man’s body, you take a man’s soul” is repeated with aggression.

That only leaves title track ’7 Deadly 7’ which has a cooler, softer vibe and oozes nostalgia. The delayed vocals give it a holy feel, as if vocals were performed by a church choir. Although it isn’t the most easily listenable of tracks, it differs considerably from the others, showing us the extent of capability amongst the members and a range of relevant influences.

Four tracks that epitomize the extent to Sean Grant’s narrative-writing ability. A multi-genre approach that proves to be an interesting mash-up.


’7 Deadly 7’ EP by Sean Grant and the Wolfgang is out now on Fierce Panda Records.

Sean Grant links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Lucy Jones (@loo_say9)


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