Album Review: Seconds Alive – Bitter Moments EP

Seconds Alive – Bitter MomentsHailing from Exeter, Seconds Alive are looking to paint their name across the UK scene with a burst of brutality and seem to set about their song writing on ‘Bitter Moments’ with a sense of darkness and need for personal release.

’Drawing The Line’ batters with a certain level of frost bitten angst and ’Jenna’ viciously bursts with heart-torn sentiment. Beneath the crisper than crisp production and grittiness, the band do overall feel a little rushed. Rather than taking their time and pushing to make a name for themselves with something more complex and personal, Seconds Alive feel like a band who are content to just slot into all-dayers and support slots rather than reach for headier heights. That perhaps is where the less than desirable vocal work and regurgitated mosh parts that litter this debut EP stem from.

Ultimately, ’Bitter Moments’ is a rag-tag paint-by-numbers attempt at modern day post-hardcore with gratingly mixed results. With a little more focus and time, Seconds Alive could be something more than some beefy breakdowns. For now though, unfortunately, it’s all a bit too much of a familiar muchness.


’Bitter Moments EP’ by Seconds Alive is released on 30th October.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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