Album Review: Secrets – The Ascent

It’s sad to say that this album doesn’t really help defend the image that Rise Records only signs metalcore/screamo bands. With ’The Ascent,‘ Secrets are very cliché within this area of the genre.

Ok, so there are some songs such as ‘Somewhere In Hiding’ and ‘Melodies’ that steer away from being absolutely ridiculously heavy for the most part, but a breakdown is still inevitably slotted into place in that precise moment that you anticipate. ’The Ascent’ does show off quite a few catchy moments, coming in with each clean chorus as expected.

Despite the not too bad set of songs, their sound still isn’t hugely original. The better part that would set them apart from the majority is the use of electronics, but even then, Attack Attack!do it much better and now in a much more original style thanks to their new album.

If you’re really keen on this kind of thing then you’ll probably appreciate it more and find more to like from ’The Ascent’. If not then don’t hesitate to look for something better elsewhere. ’The Ascent’ isn’t terrible but it isn’t ground breaking either.


‘The Ascent’ by Secrets is available now on Velocity/Rise Records.

Secrets links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr

Words by Michael Brown


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