Album Review: See Through Dresses – End Of Days

See Through Dresses – End Of Days
As a label, Tiny Engines have for a long while had quite the knack for spotting and hand-picking alternative talent from the vat of bands doing the rounds these days. Another to add to their long impressive list is See Through Dresses who are looking to impress with their latest cheery effort ‘End Of Days’.

Working back and forth with male and female breaks, ‘End Of Days’ has a lot of its influence set firmly in the past. Some parts Pixies, some Sonic Youth, See Through Dresses deliver a thick coat of basslines alongside their simplistic and satisfying emotional rally. Opener ‘Haircut’ bites with relentless feedback-filled solos and walls of distortion, before ‘Big On Brains’ delivers a lesson in shoegazing misery. ‘Big Apple Rot’ lumbers about with swaying waves of noise and gentle patters of feedback, while ‘Everyman’ steps back into the 90’s style of sadness with beautifully simple refrains and deep set riffs. The title track brings a slow-burning acoustic edge to the table before closer ‘Drag Scene’ shimmers with danceable pace and sunny melodies. A quick-fire but fully immersing set of songs that set their feet both in the delicate and harsh realms.

End of Days by See Through Dresses

See Through Dresses ride the fine line between shoegaze, emo and grunge with lazily downtrodden results. ’End Of Days’ is as emotionally unstable and riotous as its name suggests, and is a fitting soundtrack to a long day of staring out your window at the rain if you are so inclined.


’End Of Days’ by See Through Dresses is released on 23rd October on Tiny Engines.

See Through Dresses links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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