Album Review: Silverstein – I Am Alive In Everything I Touch

Earlier this year, Silverstein took to the road to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their sophomore effort ‘Discovering The Waterfront’. In commemorating such a milestone, the band demonstrated the true staying power of their music and continued relevance within the scene. Fast forward to the present though and the band are gearing up to release the follow up to 13’s rather brilliant ‘This Is The Way The Wind Shifts’ with another offering of engaging and contagious post hardcore. If the past is anything to go by, it should be a good one.

On first impressions, ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ is no new ground for the band. Skin-tight riffs clatter over crystal clear harmonies on opening offering ‘A Mid Western State Of Emergency’ before ‘Face Of The Earth’ dances about with classically hard/soft styles. From the first note, this is already trademark Silverstein. The band have found their groove, dug their heels into the ground and stuck to what they know. When many bands try sticking with the sound of their previous releases, it comes off as lazy, sluggish and stalemate. Though Silverstein are using the same tools they have all across their 15 year career, their music doesn’t sound in any way dated. Their blend of sharp breakdowns and pulsating melodies make for some thoroughly modern listening as well as serving as a fantastically nostalgic trip back to better days.

Things tick by at a similarly familiar pace as ‘Late On 6th’ trickles out with careful atmosphere and military precision before ‘Milestone’ kicks things back into life as it resonates with old school punk energy and circle pit inducing speed. The band’s ear for a hook as well as piercing riff has taken years to master and their control when to deploy them is increasingly apparent as the ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Je Me Souviens’ shimmering with pulsating groove but also pulsing sentimental value. Closing with a relatively stirring acoustic ditty in the form of ‘Toronto’ that lets the band’s soaring melodies climb higher than ever before serves as a fitting ending to an album that, though not seeing the band push their limits, sees them at their most confident and flowing.

Overall ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ is blueprint stuff for Silverstein. Those looking for a testing half hour of musical experimentation should look elsewhere. If what you are after is a straightforward and hugely enjoyable album, then take a seat, relax and bang your head a little bit. Silverstein know where their strengths lie and wear them on their sleeves with pride. After all why fiddle with something if it doesn’t need fixing?


‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ by Silverstein is out now on Rise Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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