Album Review: Solemn Sun – Solemn Sun EP

Earlier this year, the rebranding of Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun’ began, and with the release of the band’s self-titled debut EP, the transformation seems to be pretty much complete. A new chapter in the band’s story has officially got going, and with the folk-punk foundations built upon with a more rock-focused direction, it’s time to find out just what heights the reborn outfit can reach.

‘Josef’ gave us the first taste of the band’s new sound upon its release back in July. It’s a sensible opener to the album, immediately showing off the evolution that Solemn Sun have undergone since their first incarnation. They’ve come out the other side with a sound that can be likened to that of The National; an enormous, sweeping and arena-ready effort thrashed out at the very first time of asking. ’30 10’ is a more relaxed effort, but ‘Children’ crosses back over into more vibrant waters. Taking the EP into and beyond its half-way point, the latter track continues ‘Solemn Sun’’s ebb and flow of emphasis, and the five-minute-plus ‘Ruin’ can’t quite decide which way to go from there. It ends up as a back and forth highlight of the whole EP, delivering moments that will have crowds both swaying and screaming along when belted out live. By the time that ‘I Saw’ rolls around to wrap the record up, the bar has been raised to an impressive level. The closing effort does its job though, and sends everything out on a resounding high. Sending the EP out with perhaps its catchiest number, boasting some of its most memorable lyrics, Solemn Sun ensure that the first impression of the new direction is one that many will find near impossible to criticise.

You can’t fault the ambition of Solemn Sun either; in thrusting themselves into a far more competitive landscape than that which their previous incarnation ruled over, the band have shown that they can make themselves at home there with just as much ease. With one EP down and a whole lot more to follow, 2000 Trees Festival has found its new annual fixture. And whether you’re listening to them on record, in darkened rooms or at a field in Gloucestershire, smart money is that in Solemn Sun, you’ve found your new latest attraction as well.


‘Solemn Sun’ EP  by Solemn Sun is out now.

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Words by Antony Lusmore (@Metacosmica_)


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