Album Review: Someday I – Chances EP

Three years is a long time in music. Hell, bands can be forgotten in a week, never mind a year so kudos to Someday I for coming back and having another stab in follow up to their 2012 debut EP. New EP ‘Chances’ launched with the most obvious accompanying ‘sounds-like’ listing known to man, the south-coast three piece have put together four tracks of straight up pop-punk that sadly puts them no higher than their list of influences.

Opening track ‘Burn The Night’ shows genuine promise and recalls the glory days of Saves The Day with its stabbing riff and driving percussion, but sadly that’s as good as it gets as the rest of the EP descends into pop-punk-by-number-drudgery.

Of the other three tracks, ‘Lost Heart’ plods along on a ponderous riff that on occasion threatens to explode but never quite gets there, instead wandering off on a similarly ponderous meander. Closing track ‘Letting Go’ is another one that tip-toes where it should stomp and just gets lost in the process. Even the gang ‘whoa-oh’s’ sound a million miles away.

It’d be unfair to mark Someday I down as mere also rans as they’re clearly capable of writing tunes with bite (see ’Burn The Night’ for evidence of that) but to progress they need to find a way to keep up that intensity across four or five tracks a time.


‘Chances’ EP by Someday I is out now.

Someday I links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Rob Fearnley.


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