Album Review: Sorority Noise – It Kindly Stopped For Me

‘It Kindly Stopped For Me’ is a four-track EP dedicated to a late friend of Sorority Noise, piled with such raw, dark emotions that listening almost feels invasive of the lyricist’s grieving reflections.

The low-key ’Either Way’ shines with repetitive acoustic and staggered piano layers, as a husky baritone calls out “I saw my chance, saw my chance and I took it.” This instantly shifts when the lyric is swapped for “You saw your life and you took it,” generating simple yet impressive moments of utterly amazing songwriting and literal lyrics – this is exactly why I love music.

“I’d leave you my whole heart if there was one left to leave,” laments ‘A Will’, narrating vocalist Cam Boucher’s difficulties in accepting that, despite improvements in his own mental health, he’s unable to save other sufferers around him. Its light, drowsy instrumentals capture a heavy sense of lyrical regret.

‘Fource’ is strikingly unique. Boucher delves into the spoken word whilst the gloomy, crunching sounds of footsteps in gravel resonate beneath. A heartless hum leads into an unvarnished monologue, showing lack of desire to sing with his trademark passion. They successfully execute this daring technique by voicing the profound impact of grief and mental illness on daily life: “Today was an off day, I’ve had a few.”

Closer ‘XC’ is the final piece of Boucher’s cycle – “I won’t see you now, but I’ll see you soon” – if not quite acceptance, then adjustment. The lyrical repetition and increasing enhancement of piano, guitar and vocals gives you goosebumps.

The ability to channel mental health anxieties into song is wonderful. Although the mournful tone may not be to everyone’s taste for easy listening – merits a great deal of appreciation. It’s a well-executed artwork that represents a powerful emotional journey.


’It Kindly Stopped For Me’ EP by Sorority Noise is released on April 22nd on Topshelf Records.

Sorority Noise links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Bandcamp

Words by Lucy Jones (@loo_say9)


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