Album Review: Spark The Sail – Sapphire Deep EP

imageAfter securing all the expected initiations of a new act, Bristol’s pop-rock troop Spark The Sail have gone the step further to solidify their name with new EP ‘Sapphire Deep’.

Expect spine-tingling melodies within the folds of a brand of pop-rock that SPS proudly sustain throughout the EP. Opener ‘Sapphire’ showcases the full scope of sounds on the EP with the electronic ambience to the slight indie twang on the record. The latter sound is generic at times and threatens to hinder the EP.

‘Never The Moment’ brandishes an almost rockabilly rhythmic shuffle that gives way to the hopeful uplifting chorus; “I could find a way to make this seem easier.”

Acrobatic vocals are in full force on ‘Outlook’ fuelled by titillating runs of frontwoman Jodie Davies and guitarist/co-vocalist Ryan Moore, who spur each other to chilling performances touching you tenfold with harmonies as they sing, “You were not the only one to fall asleep inside your love.”

Although the record is mostly upbeat, ‘Trust Me’ strips the band down to an acoustic full band sound that is just as exuberant as the other tracks.

‘Sapphire Deep’

is an insight into the eventual promise their distinct sound is honed.


‘Sapphire Deep’ EP by Spark The Sail is released on November 6th.

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Words by Aaron Akeredolu (@boymostlikelyto)


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