Album Review: Speaking in Shadows – The Anchor EP

Speaking In Shadows – The Anchor EP
Nuneaton’s not exactly the vibrant nucleus of alt-rock, but all it takes is one mighty quintet to emerge from the shadows to change the genre’s fortunes. Speaking in Shadows prove outright how this should be done with new EP ’The Anchor’.

’Scatter’ and ’Bite’ is a textbook product of the aforementioned genre, brandishing web-weaving riffs coating listeners in a cocoon. A bloodline of alt-rock leaning towards the corners of the post-hardcore spectrum courses through the EP, where the band indulge in soundscapes that encapsulate adversity and struggle of hope. This is most evident on ‘And Grit’, where vocalist Adam Smith bursts through the layers of instrumentation with a promise declaring, “If I leave tonight, I will throwaway all the dreams.” Similarly, ’Capsized’ stirs and rattles with sudden halts and off-kilter jabs to shake listeners off course.

The EP shares a resemblance to SIS’ contemporaries Mallory Knox while also capturing the exuberant rawness of early Funeral for a Friend. However, it is the latter portion of the EP that fans of the band can expect a new mathy influence on both ‘Easy For You’ and ’Figure Of Eighty’ taking the vessel towards a new unchartered sound.

’The Anchor’ offers a new glimpse into SIS’ potential future, unveiling a concrete map to conquer a new phase of musicianship for the band to cover.


‘The Anchor EP’ by Speaking In Shadows is released on 19th October.

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Words by Aaron Akeredolu (@boymostlikelyto)


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