Album Review: Splitsville – Blackouts EP

Splitsville – Blackouts EP
We’ve all had our hearts broken at least once, and if you haven’t – hold on tight, because it is coming soon. Splitsville get this, and over the course of their new EP ‘Blackouts’ produce a rather convincing representation of cutting yourself off from the world and feeling broken alone.

The title track hits with pop-punk-tinged self-deprecation, before ‘Grayscale toys with alt-rock hooks and post-rock leaning atmospheres. ‘I’ll Be Fine’ lines up brutal honesty with loose guitars, while closer ‘Inadequacy’ borrows from the scrappy days of the ‘90s with spoken word emotives and heavy-hitting guitars resulting in a overwhelming sense of despondency. The whole effort is short, sharp and bitter, just like being in love really then.

Blackouts by Splitsville

Splitsville encapsulate the feeling of growing up sad and lonely pretty perfectly across the four heartbreak dittys of ‘Blackouts’. With angst dealt out by the bottle full and plenty of engulfing instrumentals, these Devon-based sad boys are on to a relatively solid formula. Long may the sadness continue.


’Blackouts EP’ by Splitsville is out now.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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