Album Review: Stray From The Path – Anonymous


For just over a decade, Long Island’s Stray From The Path has slowly been building up quite a reputation. Now releasing their seventh studio album, ‘Anonymous’, the band are sure to explode with their name branded in bright lights in a lot of people’s minds. ‘Anonymous’ truly underlines the band’s brand of groove laden hardcore punk, so as a record it is important for all listeners to pay attention and understand the blueprints of what the band is about.

The blistering delivery of the band is untamed and doesn’t shy away from rhythm and groove. Many people have described the band’s style as a hardcore Rage Against the Machine, and this couldn’t be truer. The influence is uncanny and they pull it off so well on the record. Andrew Dijorio’s vocals are relentlessly raw and follow a consistent flow with the heavy rhythms on display. In regards to the influence of Rage Against the Machine, you can certainly pick it up on the opening guitar sounds on ‘Badge & A Bullet’ which follow a distinct Tom Morello-esque pattern. Putting that influence to bed, guitarist Thomas Williams is able to offer a sound that grabs you by the brain and listen attentively. Credit should especially be given to both bass and drums; they are used really well in striking a match to the start of a few songs. ‘Tell Them I’m Not Home’, ‘Landmines’ and the title track has the aforementioned knack which switches the listener into position from the get go.

A particular highlight on the record is that of the song ‘Scissor Hands’. This barnstormer features a heavy as fuck chorus featuring the screaming talents of Jason Butler of letlive; it is rebelliously pumping to high volumes. Between these rage-filled episodes, the verse hops along a tense bass fill and guitar static that keeps one on their toes.

As far as themes and lyrics are concerned, the band questions everything. Stray From The Path don’t shy away from tackling issues from police brutality to questioning patriarchy to music scene politics. Since the music is delivered so well, such subjects are able to flow right off the tongue into the ear canal and be processed in the human thought process. This allows a rebellious food for thought mind game that gets tastier on every course.

In all honesty, this reviewer was sceptical by Stray From The Path’s style, but based on the consistency of ‘Anonymous’, this reviewer has been won over. The band play groove laden hardcore punk with an almighty rebellious blow to the jawbone. Give this record a spin if you don’t believe me, as I for one was certainly blown by its ferocity.


‘Anonymous’ by Stray from the Path is out on the 17th September on Sumerian Records.

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Words by Aaron Lohan (@ooran_loohan)


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